Sky Roulette

Roulette is a game of chance that is popular across the globe amongst many gamblers. Today, there are a number of casino developers providing their own versions of the game. Entering the field of play is a casino developer that has long been an integral part of the casino gambling industry, Novomatic. The developer today is one of the largest manufacturers of land-based gaming titles. Since its gaming evolution in 1980, the company has managed to quickly secure its footing in the business with the release of a number of slots. Unlike many of its compatriots, Novomatic made a transition in the online domain in the year 2011 but has since then picked pace. Today, VIP Novomatic slots online casino offerings are famous worldwide.

Sky Roulette

The same can be said for Sky Roulette. The game release in 2015 is today one of the more famous offerings of the company. For gamblers who have played roulette before, Sky Roulette has more or less the setup of traditional casino games of a kind. This is a European wheel.

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How Does It Work?

Sky Roulette is a 37 slots numbered roulette ranging from 0-36 and a current house edge of 2.63. Just inside the casino contains a different kind of individual numbers. The betting area holds different kinds of boxes as columns. All the numbers herein are arranged in 12 rows of three numbers that go on to make vertical columns. The game starts with players receiving different coloured chips. This is done in order to avoid any kinds of disputes or conflicts. All the chips that you earn within the production can only be cashed once you are done. There is no option currently for cashing them at the cage, and the jackpot slots stand at 50,000 coins. The minimum bet you can make here is 5. There is no free spins exclusive present in the title, unlike slots. Some other intrinsic features of the free Novomatic slots here includes:

  1. Inside Bets
    • Straight betThis is done only on the one number and winning pays 35:1
    • Split betAs the name suggests, this is done on two numbers and pays 17:1
    • Street bets:This stake is made by putting your chip on the upward line that divides the inside and outside betting areas. This pays 11:1
    • The corner bet:This is placed by touching the four corners of the numbers being bet and pays 8:1.
    • Double street bet:This is when player bets on six numbers and winning pay 5 to 1.
  2. Outside bets:The outside bets are placed on the boxes surrounding the numbers. This includes:
    • Dozen bets:This is made on 12 consecutive Novomatic bonuses numbers together and pays 2:1.
    • Red black odd and even:These are even money bets.
    • Column bets:These are 12 number bets on the wheel and pays 2:1.

How to Play Sky Roulette

Players need to keep a close eye on the call of the dealer in the game. Players are allowed to place bets as long as the dealer doesn’t call out for, “No more bets”. You do not need to worry if your number seems to be already covered with chips – it’s perfectly possible to stack your chips on top of other chips.


Sky Roulette has managed quite a fan following since it first came out. Novomatic themes, in particular, have been quite successful amongst gamblers and you can visit casino of your choice to start playing. The exclusive casino game is fully compatible on a mobile platform and also available for free play in case gamblers want to give it a go for a few rounds. There are different payments and withdrawal options available to players today if they wish to deposit money or just cash out their earnings. This is not a progressive jackpots title as can be misconstrued many times by gamblers.